H&S With The KH Group

There is a certain richness, colour, strength, texture and smell that pure leather has. The sheer joy of working with real leather has propelled us to become one of Asia’s largest tanneries, successfully operating from the past 75 years and growing strong, if not stronger.

H&S Handmade Customised Leather Shoes and Products has a strong parentage in the ‘KH Group’, which is one of the most highly regarded leather enterprises in India and the world. The KH Group has an impeccable business record and a strong market presence with an effective workforce of over 15,000 employees.

Owing to its vast experience in handling leather and crafting leather products, top of the line international brands from all over the world trust the KH Group with manufacturing premium and luxury leather products on their behalf. Being able to maintain international styling and quality standards for others, the concept of H&S Customised Leather Shoes was initiated. H&S believes in creating premium leather products for India as the KH Group does for the rest of the world.