Made To Order

Made To Order Process

Our shoes are handcrafted luxury, made by extremely skilled and experienced craftsmen.
Our shoemakers’ passion and dedication is evident in every pair.

  1. 1. To get an idea of your size, try on our trial shoes at the store. Our experienced style consultant will assist you in selecting the correct designs/ styles based on your need/ occasion.
  2. 2. Once you are comfortable with the size, you can chose from a wide range of shoes displayed at the store and also in our store app (endless isle). Our, state-of-the-art software application allows you to customise the colour of the shoe, from a hue of colour swatches available at the store. Choose from our collection of impressive range of plain leather or hand coloured/ stained leather.
  1. 3. You are made further comfortable, by having the option to choose the type of heel/sole, along with trims (only select designs) available in the customisation trays at the store.
  2. 4. Only when you are happy with the final design generated, will the shoe-making process begin. This generally takes up to 3 weeks to complete and the pair ready to be delivered to you.